Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Olinalá is a region found in the state of Guerrero in Mexico, three hours from Acapulco and about five from Mexico City. It’s a small town where a unique tree, the Olinaloe tree, grows... What is so special about this tree is the natural scent that emanates from its wood. This natural perfume is so pleasant, that inhaling it connects us with nature

For many years, olinalo wood has been used to make special products and handcrafts. The most famous are the “Cajitas de Olinalá”, boxes or chest crafted from olinaloe wood and paint with lacquer. One of the unique features of the “Cajitas de Olinala” is that even after the tree has been cut and dried, the fragrance from its wood is preserved and when opened, you can inhale its natural perfume. The fragance of Olinaloe is so potent, that boxes crafted from its wood can preserve its unique scent for more than ten years.

Olinalá is a fascinating place where we can find unique pieces of mexican folk art, out of which the cajitas de Olinalá are one of the most representative and distinctive products.



  1. My aunt used to have one. Right now reading this description I feel that I´m smelling it again :). Adriana

  2. Olinala handcrafts are beautiful. Be sure to buy it from a respected online store because I have found out some imitations that aren't made from the original wood hence they lack the odor. I bought one with a lock for my kids at www.baalart.com